I’m sorry.

Posted: October 2, 2010 in Mix
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You could say I’m one of those annoying people who allways have the anwser … Even when I haven’t got the slightes idea what you are talking about. And there is death. I don’t do death.

  1. Great stuff. We never know what to say do we? Having (successfully) gone through an op. for the big C, I got really bored with people saying: ‘You’ll be fine’ I much preferred the ones who said: Oh fuck!’ Yes at least they seemed to take it seriously…..

    Good stuff.


    • nexru says:

      Oh Fuck! 🙂 Anyway … its good to hear you are ok. … and yes, we don’t know what to say. But I guess the most “ironic” thing of all is … that even in the most “sadest” situations we tend to make things revolve about ourselves and not the person who is actually going through the bad experience. So “Oh fuck” does sound just “great” … it sounds real and well … honest. 🙂

      Regards and best of luck.

  2. Thanks. The other thing that makes me smile in a very ironic way, is this: how often do we react to HORRENDOUS news with the words. ‘You’re joking’?!?! Of course, I’m not fucking joking…. y entire family has been wiped out in a bizarre blah blah blah…..

    Know what I mean? I’ve done it: and I’m sure you and everybody else has, as well……

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