Being a woman … shoping should mean the world to me. It should be my own personal catharsis and the mall my personal shrine. The emphasis is on “should”. I hate it.

1.) The salesperson is not human.

If you need help … there is nobody around. If you are just browsing they are allllllll over you. Plus … they are injected with “snail speed toxin”.

2.) Parking is a destination to hell.

3.) People … a lot of people. CROWD … LINES.

4.) And my fav … a person … in line … behind u. Pushing the trolley UP YOUR ASS! FFS … step away from my butt!


I wish.

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An early morning is drowning in a beige bathroom …
Human warmth got left in the bedroom.
Nightgown, abandoned in the middle of a corridor
has already lost the smell of touch.

Frozen in a mirror …
I bind my infant thoughts that run to you.
The first cigarette smoke climbs the ceiling.
And an empty coffee cup stands alone on the table.

Pic: something pulled out from the archives.

It takes time.

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Sometimes … there is just nothing you can do about it.

I’m sorry.

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You could say I’m one of those annoying people who allways have the anwser … Even when I haven’t got the slightes idea what you are talking about. And there is death. I don’t do death.


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1-3 right here and 4-5 one click away.

Mommy will spank u.

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Its not like I don’t like children. I just don’t want to have any on my own (yet?). I don’t see myself pushing a baby stroller up and down the street. And yes, I admit … I admit I am at times a “mommy hater”. I just hate when they invade my space. Especially when I just want some peace and quiet with my coffee in my fav pub. Its like … one minute you are in your zen place and the other minute your are runing from a stampede of baby strollers and avoiding death toys thrown at your head.

And all you can actually do is just smile. Cuz well … what is worse than being labeled as a “baby hater”.

Being a serial killer? No problem … Not making goofy faces and saying how cute the baby is … dead woman walking.

And there are the “killjoy mothers”. There fav sentences are:

a.) You think u’ve got it hard? Just u wait u have a baby. Now this is hard.

b.) You know … you are not a girl anymore … and you sure aren’t getting any younger. How come u don’t have a baby yet?

c.) My baby farted yesterday! For the first time! Having a baby is the most fullfiling experience of my life.

So there you have it … My clock is ticking and I guess I don’t have any problems since I don’t have a baby.

Pic above … true story. Coming from a seven-year old … priceless.


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2 days of vacation. I need them … badly. Was almost at the point of making myself a t-shirt holding a sign “out of order”.

The first three are one click away.